What you can do

Small steps make a big difference on the path to living more sustainably. The David Suzuki Foundation will show you how to transform your home, office and community into a healthy and sustainable one. From everyday green living tips to helpful resources on fighting climate change, we can help you make informed decisions to reduce your environmental footprint. Here are some things you can start doing right now.

Photo: Help bring bees and butterflies back!

Help bring bees and butterflies back!

Check out the resources on this page to see what you can do to help bees, butterflies and other pollinators. Read more »

Photo: How to choose a safe sunscreen

How to choose a safe sunscreen

The most effective sun protection: Covering up! If you know you'll need sunscreen, choose wisely with these tips. Read more »

Photo: Homemade hair care recipes

Homemade hair care recipes

Avoid harmful hair care ingredients by making your own with stuff easily found in your kitchen, local health food store, and garden. I dare you. Read more »