Photo: Be a community leader

(Credit: Joe Bryksa via Winnipeg Free Press)

Read the Community Leaders blogAcross Canada, people like you are already taking initiative to make a difference in their local communities — where real change happens. The Community Leader program is a grassroots initiative that seeks to support local leaders committed to protecting the diversity of nature and our quality of life, now and for the future.

Our Community Leaders catalyze action in their communities by actively raising awareness, designing unique events and projects, and by serving as positive role models for their peers.

Whether you're an activist, blogger or concerned citizen, you can help the Foundation reach out to new audiences and drive meaningful change. As a Community Leader, you will be asked to craft your own unique ideas and resources in order to broadcast information and bring our campaigns to life in your own community.

We are counting on people like you to find unique and effective ways to raise awareness and catalyze change at the local level! The Foundation can provide general resources and goals, but you know your community best and we trust you to lead the most effective and powerful projects!

"We all have a role to play in protecting nature and our quality of life. As role models and leaders in your communities, we need you to take an active role in building a sustainable world. We can't do it without you."
- David Suzuki