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Photo: Camp Suzuki: Dunbarton High School (Pickering)

Hiking in the Rouge

The Dunbarton team hosted a nature hike in the Rouge Park on Sunday, April 15th — great weather and great people. We know intuitively that nature makes us feel good — but now there is a growing body of research proving that nature is good for our health and wellbeing. Evidence shows that being regularly immersed in a natural setting — like Rouge Park — reduces blood pressure, anxiety and stress levels, and boosts immunity. So visit the Rouge today!

Next up for the Dunbarton's Camp Suzuki team? Yoga in the park.


About the Team

Dunbarton has been awarded the title of a "Gold Level Eco School". Thanks to the environmental club, we have continued to maintain our success and continue to work towards environmental changes in school and out.

Team: Megan Dickson, Rishawn Dindial, Charvel Rappos, Caleb Fryer

Who: The Dunbarton High School team includes students from the school's environmental club. Located near the Rouge in Pickering, the school includes a diverse group of eighteen hundred students.

Why: Team Dunbarton is eager to become active in the community and make it a better and more sustainable place to live. They hope to improve their communication and leadership skills and make lasting connections with other people and organizations active in the Rouge.

What: Their team's goal is to celebrate Rouge Park's brilliant forests, beaches and wetlands by holding a hiking event in the spring and a fun yoga event in the summer. They hope to reach out to not only within their school, but also local elementary schools.