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Photo: Camp Suzuki: Markham Museum - MY Community (Markham)

Camp Suzuki at the Markham Expo

The Markham Expo aims to unite the community of Markham, by providing the platform for an exciting and entertaining environment. The event will also serve to celebrate the numerous youth accomplishments that have happened in the past year. Markham Museum will be hosting a booth with games, food and information on Rouge Park and how youth can get out into nature.

Join the Markham Museum team on Saturday, May 12th at the Markham Civic Centre.

About the team

The Museum connects the history of Markham to today's new 'settlers' by examining our environment and the tools we use to adapt to our changing world. The 25-acre Museum site offers: exhibits, school programs, public programs and events, private event venues and research facilities.

Team: Louis Ngai, Jason Marlatt, Krystal Tieu, Katie Epp

What: MY Community is a team of youth from the Markham Museum's youth mentorship committee. The committee is made up of fifteen members who mentor over 500 volunteers and have participated in two youth forums and hosted their own food drive to benefit the Markham Food Bank.

Why: A few years ago a partnership was established between Markham Museum and Rouge Park, resulting in tree planting, Rouge Park Days, native species garden and summer camp programming. MY Community hopes to further strengthen this link to Rouge Park and develop leadership skills necessary to engage the community in a positive way.

What: MY Community is keen to hold a large picnic event at Rouge Park this summer. The event will likely include full day at Rouge Park for Markham youth and their families, and include a picnic and a chance to experience the many natural wonders Rouge Park has to offer.