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Photo: Camp Suzuki: Rouge Valley Naturalists (Scarborough)

Rouge Valley Naturalists

Team: Linda Sarang, Anton Peiris, Steve Gahbauer, Helen Noble

Who: Rouge Valley Naturalists is a not-for-profit organization that has been dedicated to protecting, preserving and restoring the natural heritage of the Rouge Valley. Over the past 18 years, their restoration initiatives involved thousands of school children and volunteers from the surrounding community.

Why: RVN feels that Camp Suzuki will help enhance their knowledge and ability to manage future community events, restoration programs, conservation programs as well as outdoor educational programs.

What: In addition to enhancing their on-going educational, restoration and conservation activities, through Camp Suzuki RVN is keen to work on two projects:

  • An in-class butterfly-rearing program: They aim to bring nature directly into the classroom through a butterfly-rearing project that would bring nature into the classroom. The hands-on project would introduce students to the importance of insect and pollinator species in the Rouge.
  • An outdoor education program customized for people with disabilities: In the past RVN has accommodated groups of special-needs students for outdoor educational programs. They observed the therapeutic benefits on the students first hand, and many of their volunteers have expressed interest in more of these hikes. RVN hopes to expand on this and work on the logistics (i.e using existing paved trails) to accommodate individuals with mobility-related disabilities.