Watch how one parent causes an effect in their child’s school

Monica Acs is a parent and volunteer coordinator for a walking and biking to school program. The Walking Wheeling Wednesdays program was created to help promote greener modes of transportation to school. Too often parents were congesting the streets and idling their cars while picking up and dropping off their kids to school. This program helped encourage kids to walk or bike to school together with designated pickup points and volunteers to ensure the kids arrive safely to school.

For the past five years, Dunbar Cycles owner Rob Venables has supported the program by donating bikes as an incentive to help encourage physical activity and a greener community in his neighbourhood. Sophia was the winner of a brand new ride last year and she thinks that we will soon have a better place to live if everyone could help to protect the earth a little bit at a time. Kids can definitely be part of the solution and help to inspire everyone to make a difference.

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