Marine Biologist Sarika Cullis-Suzuki reminds us all to re-connect to our ocean

From an early age, Sarika has always been drawn to the ocean. As a child she would play in the intertidal zone at the beach, flipping over rocks all afternoon just to discover a new creature. Her time spent on the water and at the beach helped build a life-long connection to the ocean. Now as a Marine Biologist, Sarika's research has opened her eyes to so many of the issues that the ocean faces today.

Sarika urges Canadians to get involved by re-connecting to our oceans. As Canadians we are aware of so many of the issues, but being part of the solution is going to take more than just making one small change. Sarika reminds us to spend time with the ocean and to make choices everyday in support of healthier oceans. She also urges us to get involved with our leaders in Canada that represent us and make sure that oceans are on their agenda.

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