Photo: Connecting With Nature education guide

Connecting With Nature: an educational guide for grades four to six.

This resource is filled with fun activities that get kids outside to explore issues like biodiversity, where our food comes from and how to conserve energy.

Downloading the guide

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Resources (English | French)

The following resource links offer opportunities for further learning specifically related to each lesson plan. Please note that since publication, some of the links below may be broken.

Lesson A

Lesson B

  • Read David Suzuki There's a Barnyard in my Bedroom (Greystone, 2008)
  • Read David Suzuki and Kathy Vanderlinden's You Are the Earth (Greystone, 2010)

Lesson C

Lesson D

Lesson E

Lesson F

Lesson G

Lesson H

Lesson I

Lesson J

Lesson K

Lesson L

Lesson M

Lesson N

Lesson O

Lesson P