Eat for healthy oceans

Choosing ocean-friendly seafood is a simple and effective way to help ensure that we have healthy oceans (and healthy humans) for generations to come. Follow the SeaChoice ambassadors in their communities as they share creative ways to enjoy ocean-friendly seafood. Learn how to make the best choices at your local grocery stores and restaurants with tools like the SeaChoice Guide and Suzuki's Top 10 Seafood Picks. Watch for fun recipes, tips and videos featuring ocean-friendly seafood and join in by becoming a SeaChoice ambassador in your own home.

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Chef Ian Lai cooks sardines

SeaChoice Ambassador Chef Ian Lai shows you easy ways to prepare nutritious and versatile sardines....
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Photo: Wildly popular sablefish

Wildly popular sablefish

Because it's so rich in heart-healthy oils, sablefish is hard to dry out, so it's a great choice for even the worst cooks.
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Photo: Canada's Sustainable Sushi Guide

Canada's Sustainable Sushi Guide

A guide for sushi lovers nationwide. Use SeaChoice's Sustainable Sushi guide to help you find the Best Choice options fo...
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Commit to selecting only ocean-friendly options by using your SeaChoice guide when shopping or eating out.

Try a new recipe.

Explore delicious new options with ocean-friendly recipes from our SeaChoice ambassadors.

Vote with your wallet.

Insist that your local grocers source only green- and yellow-listed species.

Host an ocean-friendly dinner.

Gather your friends and family this month to share your new recipes.

Triple your impact.

Ask at least three friends to take the Eat for Healthy Oceans pledge with you.