Tojo makes crab salad with apple, daikon, and trap-caught Dungeness from the Canadian Pacific.

Last month, we were treated to a series of cooking demonstrations from SeaChoice ambassador and famed Vancouver sushi chef, Hidekazu Tojo.

The group watched as Tojo artfully prepared ocean-friendly sablefish, Albacore tuna, Sockeye salmon and Dungeness crab, and shared his perspective on how much the local seafood industry has changed since he first arrived on the West Coast.

"When I came here in 1971, at that time I saw lots of abalone in Chinatown but today I don't see any." He adds, "Many people are thinking [about] a very short period of time but our obligation is the next generation."

Watch and learn how to make ocean-friendly crab salad from one of Vancouver's top chefs.

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