Photo: Pacific cod

Pacific cod are highly fecund. A single female can produce over 5 million eggs in a single spawning event. Pacific cod populations tend to fluctuate based on years of good recruitment. That is, there are some years when lots of those millions of eggs survive to become a fishable size.

Ask for:

Cod caught in Alaska by bottom longline, jig or trap.


Cod from the Atlantic or Pacific waters, other than from Alaska.

Cooking & nutrition:

Cod has endless options in the kitchen as this fish offers a mild and moist flavor to your dish. Alaskan Pacific cod is available year round and is often sold as skinless and boneless fillets, making cod perfect for fish and chips or fish tacos. Alaskan cod is a high protein, low in fat and it has all the essential amino acids and minerals.


Harvested in Alaskan waters, this fish is carefully monitored so that it is not overfished. Be mindful when purchasing cod to ensure that it is not from the Atlantic.

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