Photo: Sablefish

The sablefish is a deep-sea species that has been shown to live up to 113 years. Deep sea ecosystems are particularly sensitive and therefore sablefish require stringent management.

Ask for:

Sablefish from the Canadian Pacific or Alaska that are trap and bottom longline caught.


Any sablefish that are not recommended as SeaChoice yellow or green options.

Cooking & nutrition:

This sleek, black-scaled fish is found in the deep, cold waters of the north Pacific and has pearly white flesh that flakes into large chunks when prepared. With a rich and buttery flavor, sablefish is considered a delicacy by chefs across the country. Although sablefish is often sold smoked, it is also available fresh and frozen. Sablefish is available year round and due to demand, is showing up in markets across the country.

Sablefish has a high oil content which allows it to be cooked at high temperatures. It also makes this fish an ideal source of Omega-3 fatty acids, which many health experts suggest reduce the risk of heart disease.


Tojo's Marinated Sablefish (PDF) from A Good Catch, or learn how to make this recipe from a Queen of Green how-to video.


The Canadian Sablefish Association helps to ensure that this fish is harvested both sustainably and responsibly. Most sablefish are trap-caught to eliminate unnecessary bycatch. Learn more about big fish like sablefish.

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