Photo: Spot Prawns

Every animal has developed unique ways to ensure its survival. For spot prawns, this means starting life as a male before changing into a female, a characteristic called sequential hermaphroditism. The advantages of changing sexes halfway through life is not well understood but obviously works for spot prawns, as well as many other animals including fish, bivalves, and plants.

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Prawns caught in the Canadian Pacific by trap. Spot prawns are the largest shrimp species found in Canada's west coast. With a reddish brown shell, this fish is easy to distinguish with its distinctive white spots on its abdominal segments.


Any prawn that are not recommended as SeaChoice yellow or green options.

Cooking & nutrition:

Prawns are known for their naturally sweet and succulent flavor and firm texture. Cooked in only a couple of minutes, this seafood makes for a quick and tasty treat that requires little effort for amazing results. Delicious served simply with butter for dipping or sautéed or barbequed, prawns can be used in any dish from soups and pastas to curries and stir fries. Spot prawns are available fresh from May to July and frozen year-round.


Shrimp, Shitake, Cucumber Salad (PDF) from A Good Catch.


Spot prawns are sustainably harvested in traps that reduce bycatch. As described previously, prawns begin life as males and then change into females. The fishery is managed based on the ratio of males:females and is only open for a few months each year.

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