Photo: The hundred mile lunch

Try a different kind of working lunch. (Credit: cogdogblog via Flickr)

Encourage staff to purchase locally-grown food, which promotes healthy eating, good conversation and fun!

Secure support from management. Hook event to an actual office happening (e.g.
wrap-up of a big project, seasonal celebration, a special anniversary, etc.) Announce event at a staff meeting or via email.

Encourage staff to eat locally-grown food for an entire week. Provide information about local farmer's markets and seasonal produce.

Wrap up with a potluck or catered lunch that celebrates local food. If you are a large organization, try doing this at a team level first, and then move to larger

Roll out the program to a weekly 100 Mile Lunch Club that lasts all year long! Once a week individuals take turns bringing meatless soups for all participants OR everyone brings a locally-grown item (greens, chopped veggies, nuts, seeds, fruit, etc) to create a weekly salad bar.