Photo: Eco-friendly wedding travel and accomodation

Credit: johnwardell via Flickr.

Travel accounts for the most carbon emissions of any wedding. These tips will show how you can cut down emissions with your planning choices.

Pick the most Earth-friendly venue

Getting married in a place like Spain is pretty romantic, but everyone will have to fly there. Hello carbon footprint! And goodbye guests who are unable to afford the journey!

Instead, a great idea is to have your wedding at a venue that you and all your guests can get to easily. After all, you might want to remind yourself what the place looks like while you plan décor.

To save on travel, and guests getting hopelessly lost, why not have the ceremony and the reception at the same place? It saves money and carbon emissions.

Ask yourself... Is there public transit nearby for my guests?

Cut travel emissions of your wedding guests

FREE/$$ Asks guests who fly to offset their carbon emissions, or pay the offsets for all your guests yourself. Click here to learn more.

$$ WestJet and Air Canada have options now where you can buy offsets at the same time you buy your flights. Let your guests know.

$$ Your guests can see more of our beautiful, enormous country by taking the train.

Help guests stay at environmentally-friendly places

FREE Extend the party for your guests by billeting your out-of-towners with friends and family. They'll love meeting new people and seeing the area from a local's perspective.

FREE/$ Have friends' backyards or campgrounds nearby? Have a tent city! Camping is fun and a welcome change from hotels.

$$ Bed & Breakfasts are charming, and can be less wasteful than hotels.

$$ Check out local hotels that specialize in having a low carbon footprint. Google "green hotel" and the city name where your wedding is taking place. Check out what makes a hotel green.

Have an eco-friendly honeymoon

$ Is there a place close to you that you've always wanted to explore? Why not get outdoors and check out the rest of Canada? You don't have to go far to find a totally self-indulgent, relaxing paradise.

$$ Imagine biking together on adorable cruisers through a picturesque landscape. Oh so romantic. Oh so carbon neutral. Look on the internet for the best in cycle touring.

$$ If you fly, purchase carbon offsets.

$$$ There are plenty of hotels and getaways that specialize in eco-tourism, and excel at being sustainable. Snoop around the internet for the best deals.

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