Photo: What to wear on your green wedding day

Credit: rosengrant via Flickr

Get an eco-friendly wedding dress or tux

Ah, the crowning glory. So many options!

FREE For a heritage feel, ask to borrow your Mom's, Grandma's or friend's dress. Likewise, ask the men in your life if they can lend a tux or a suit (something old, something new... you get the idea).

$ Rent it! Look on the internet for local suppliers. You're only going to wear it once my friend. And renting is a good way to cut down on waste by re-using clothing rather than purchasing something brand new.

$ Choose a dress you can later modify into a cool party dress, or a suit you can pull off wearing at work.

$$ Buy a gorgeous dress on consignment. Chances are it was only worn once.

$$ A seamstress can sew and design clothes for you out of sustainable fabrics like organic cotton and bamboo, adding a unique, personal touch.

$$$ Purchase an organic cotton, bamboo or hemp dress. They're a lot more beautiful than they sound! Check out The Oko Box, Rawnique, the Morgan Boszilkov wedding collection, the Margaret MacLeod eco-collection, Threadhead Creations, or check out this website that lists several eco-designers.

Find eco-friendly wedding rings

$ More and more people are going for just wedding bands. Money saved from forgoing 'the Rock' can go to a down payment on your first house!

$$ Get trendy! It's popular right now to reset or redesign an heirloom stone. No family jewels? Buy a second-hand ring with a gem you love, and have it reset.

$$ Ever heard of a wooden wedding ring? (Say that three times quickly.) No mining is involved, and the result is a gorgeous warm ring in any number of styles. Try Touch Wood Rings for ideas.

$$$ Still want the bling? Check out environmentally-friendly recycled gold rings at Green Karat ; they're so savvy they can even add carbon offsets to production. For Canadian diamonds, visit Brilliant Earth or Leber Jeweler .

Green wedding flowers and décor

FREE Time to raid Granny's garden! Does anyone you know have a green thumb that would like to volunteer to grow your plants in their garden, pesticide-free? Think how much more special it will be to have eco-friendly wedding flowers from loved ones.

$ Pumpkins and gourds make nifty vases, and they're compostable! Or purchase vases that can be given to your guests.

$$ Ask your florist to source local, seasonal, pesticide-free flowers that don't have to be shipped in from far, far away.

$$ Choose a beautiful native species, like your provincial flower, that will bloom around your wedding date.

$$ Some people opt for getting married in a garden or other gorgeous outdoor venue. Voila! Instant décor! Go for a little tour of your local botanical gardens or parks and see what strikes your fancy.

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