Green your workplace

Save cash, time, and the planet when you go green at work. We offer all the tips and tools you need. Remember, people love companies with an eco-conscience, and so does Mother Earth. Learn more about DSF's green office.

Photo: Download our free toolkit

Download our free toolkit

Get everything you need in one place: our David Suzuki at Work toolkit. The guide has tips, resources, activities, and game plans. Read more »

Photo: Take the smart commuter challenge

Take the smart commuter challenge

Many organizations participate in Commuter Challenge in the spring, but you can create your own challenge any time of year. Changing your commute requires a major shift in personal behaviour,... Read more »

Photo: Take David Suzuki to work

Take David Suzuki to work

Globally, offices are becoming a major driver of climate change as computers, data storage and communication networks suck up energy at an increasing rate. Read more »