Photo: Green Team Activity: Imagine the Future

Brainstorming a green future. (Credit: \!/_PeacePlusOne via Flickr)

What does a green future in your workplace look like? Spend an hour at your workplace with a group of co-workers creating a common vision for a sustainable organization. Ask participants to close their eyes and imagine their ideal workplace. Advise participants not to get stuck in concerns over how to make things work. This is about expanding possibilities.

Use these questions as prompts:

  • What does our organization look like in 10 years?
  • How do people get to work?
  • What does a typical day at the office look like?
  • What kinds of products or services do we offer?
  • How does work make you feel?
  • Where does our building's energy come from?
  • Where do we eat lunch, and where does our food come from?
  • How are resources used in our office?
  • What happens to office waste?
  • What is the role of our workplace in the community?
  • What has changed, and what is the same?

Group brainstorming

Now ask participants to share their ideas. This is a brainstorming stage, so have the note-takers capture all of the responses on flipchart paper. Be as specific as possible (e.g., "rainwater is collected to flush toilets and water the garden"). You'll probably notice that themes emerge as similar ideas are voiced by several participants.

Deciding on a common vision

Use all the ideas generated by your participants and work together to create a vision that will inspire and excite. Create a storyboard, image, or short paragraph that captures your common vision. Let this be your guide as you develop your sustainability action road map.

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