Give your workplace the eco-edge

You can save your business money, make your workplace more sustainable and boost morale by helping your office go green. Our new e-learning tool makes it simple for you and your colleagues. David Suzuki Office Essentials is easy to use and provides free online consultation from the David Suzuki Foundation, which has spent years researching the benefits of greening the workplace.

How does it work? Simple.

The e-learning tool and a cartoon version of David Suzuki will guide you through everything you need to know to go green at work.

You can access the toolkit online anytime. You can also download the file directly into your e-learning system (53mb Zip file).

How can our e-learning tool help you?

  • Learn about the most effective ways to green your workplace.
  • Use our ready-made activity plans to tackle the job.
  • Motivate your team through goal-setting exercises.
  • Find out what other companies have done successfully.

If you have technical questions regarding this tool, please contact MindMuze at or 1-877-581-3942.

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