Photo: Take back the tap

Reconnect people with value of public fresh water. (Credit: Kate Ferrara via Flickr)

Here are some water-saving tips from the David Suzuki At Work toolkit

At the office, purchase incentive prizes (or secure donations from neighbouring businesses — a great conversation starter!) Great prize ideas: time off work, movie tickets, commuter mugs, plants, stainless steel water bottle, low flow showerhead kit, gift certificates to local grocers, transit pass, packages of organic seeds, local wine.

At a staff meeting or via email, invite anyone interested to join in a friendly taste testing of bottled and tap water. Discretely pour samples of water into different glasses, labelling tap water 'A' and bottled water 'B'. (OR, for extra drama, you can label the glasses outright and blindfold the tasters.)

Ask tasters to savour their sampling, taking time to balance the "hints of glacier melt and natural filtration" before choosing the winner. Once all participants have had an opportunity to taste the water samples and have chosen their favourites, reveal which was the tap.

No matter which choice wins, this is an opportunity to talk about the benefits of switching to tap water. Award prizes to the department with the most participants, the funniest individual, the person with the best suggestions, etc.

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