Photo: Turn it off to win

Give prizes to the energy-savers in your office. (Credit: Nelson Augustin)

Encourage staff to turn off their computers and monitors when they finish work each day by holding a 'Turn it off to win' contest.

Purchase incentive prizes or secure donations from neighbouring businesses. Great prize ideas include: movie tickets, commuter mugs, plants, gift certificates to local grocers, transit pass, packages of organic seeds and local wine.

Post a contest master list of all staff online, or in your kitchen or staff room and set up posters around the office to remind people to 'Turn it off to win!'

Recruit volunteer Climate Captains to randomly check staff computers and monitors at the end of each day over a two-week period. Those who don't remember to 'Turn it off!', get their names removed from the master list. (If you think they'll need it, give each employee three strikes before they're out.)

At the end of the two-week period, all staff whose names are still on the list are eligible to win a prize. Hold a draw to choose one or several winners.

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