Photo: Why go green at work?

(Credit: exlibrisgul via Flickr.)

Businesses emit lots of energy. Everything from lighting and heating to computers and photocopies use up plenty — and that's not to mention emissions from industry and staff commutes.

But why should you change? Because these emissions are causing climate change, and we all have our part to play in helping the environment.

But besides protecting Mother Nature, there are many other practical reasons for going green:

  • Save money. Imagine lower heating bills, leaner utility costs, and less money feeding the photocopier. Reducing emissions goes hand-in-hand with reducing energy use.
  • Stay competitive. Consumers want eco-friendly products from Earth-loving businesses. So do investors. Get the green advantage when you sincerely commit to lowering emissions.
  • Get efficient. Reducing emissions can make your company more efficient. For example, if you manage your driving fleet better, you can cut emissions and fuel costs, and also improve delivery times.
  • Retain employees. Working for a company with heart is a powerful motivator for employees. And high morale means a boost to productivity, loyalty, and innovation.
  • Be cutting-edge. In the future, there will be more constraints around carbon emissions. But you'll already be a low-emitter, and have a proactive plan for eco-friendly business.

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