Watch the video, and get knitting!

Monarch numbers have slumped to historic lows for the past few years. The butterflies need our help more than ever.

So get crafty, Canada! You can give the butterflies the warmest possible welcome by knitting a DIY monarch chrysalis in support of the David Suzuki Foundation's #knit4monarchs campaign.

First step is to check out the new #knit4monarchs video to find out more. Then get knitting!

The pattern used to make these chrysalises is available on Ravelry, but we encourage knitters to watch the entire video before starting this new project!

Your cozy creations will provide shelter for monarchs during a critical time in their life cycle — when they are at greatest risk of exposure and predation.

Now that scarf, toque and mitt season is (we hope) over, you can give monarch caterpillars a leg up this summer by creating cozy chrysalises, in move-in condition.

For inspiration, check out some great #knit4monarchs chrysalises on Pinterest

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How do I get involved in #knit4monarchs?

Well, the #knit4monarchs campaign is actually a 2015 April Fool's gag. It was intended to heat up interest in monarch butterflies and milkweed after another long, cold winter. If you are really keen to get knitting, the pattern used to make the chrysalises on our Pinterest page is available on Ravelry. But what monarchs really need is milkweed. So we also encourage you to participate in our #gotmilkweed

YES — I want to get milkweed!

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