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On the first day of April, we launched the #knit4monarchs campaign, calling on Canadians to help monarch butterflies by knitting chrysalises. The campaign brought plenty of attention, but was of course an April Fool's campaign designed to draw attention to what monarchs really need — lots of milkweed!

Instead of knitting cute little chrysalises, we urge Canadians to continue planting milkweed in yards, playgrounds and parks. Without milkweed, monarchs can't survive. That's why we also launched our second annual #gotmilkweed campaign.

Monarch butterflies have just started their multigenerational journey northward and will begin arriving in Canada in early summer. You can help welcome monarch butterflies by supporting the #gotmilkweed campaign. This year there are three ways to get milkweed:

1. Buy a milkweed plant for your Toronto yard or balcony;
2. Purchase a Got Milkweed kit, with plants and education materials; or
3. Donate to our efforts to plant milkweed in parks and schoolyards on your behalf.

YES — I want to get milkweed!

Please note, all plants and kits must be picked up on Sunday, May 24 at Toronto's Christie Pits Park, at the biggest-ever Butterfly Block Party.



Read about this year's #gotmilkweed campaign in Metro — Canada's most read national daily newspaper here.

What's up with #knit4monarchs?

The #gotmilkweed campaign was launched on April 1, 2015 alongside #knit4monarchs, a playful effort that called on Canadians to knit monarch chrysalises. The #knit4monarchs campaign generated much interest and was later revealed to be an April Fool's joke​. Find out more here:


Have questions about monarchs and milkweed? Check out our comprehensive FAQ page here: