Photo: What are soap granules?

Make your own soap granules by grating a bar of soap or using leftover soap slivers. (Credit: debcll via Flickr)

Welcome to the rid-your-home-of-toxic-chemicals-and-petroleum-based ingredients club! Tested by the Queen of Green, my homemade green cleaning recipes are versatile, affordable, and eco-friendly.

Soap granules or flakes are just that: bits of soap that cut grease and lift dirt. Look for brands that are biodegradable, petroleum-free, without added fragrance or perfumes, and not tested on animals. If you can't find soap granules in the laundry aisle of your grocery store, try a local health food store or search online. You can also make your own — grate a bar of soap or use those leftover soap slivers.

Still stumped?

I've added another DIY recipe using liquid castile soap, which is made of plant oils like coconut, olive, and hemp. Look for liquid castile soap in the laundry or personal care products aisles of your grocery or local health food store, or purchase online.

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All of my laundry soap recipes work in cold water and in HE machines. Since water hardness varies across the country, it's best to test them yourself and see the amount you'll need to add per load. HE machines use less water, so the general rule is that you can use less soap!

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