Photo: Why does non-toxic glass cleaner leave streaks?

Make your own glass cleaner with vinegar and water.(Credit: Microsoft Images)

If you've been using conventional glass cleaners, you should take one small step before making the full leap to safer products.

Clean up the toxic gunk traditional brands leave behind!

Grab a spray bottle and mix a five per cent solution of hydrogen peroxide to water. Spray onto the glass and mirrors in your home, and voila! This mixture will cut through the waxy film. Now you can start using safer products, especially products without ammonia (the vapours can irritate eyes and lungs).

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Before you start shopping for an alternative store-bought brand, try making your own glass cleaner.

Glass Cleaner Recipe:

One-part water to one-part white vinegar. For the more refined, a can of club soda added to a spray bottle will do. These cheap green cleaning solutions can be wiped off with yesterday's newspaper.

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