Photo: Can apartment dwellers compost?

Discard organic matter generated in your kitchen by feeding it to worms. ((Credit: CSLP via Flickr)


And I have one word for you: worms. Just because you don't have yard space doesn't mean you can't join the growing number of Canadians who are composting!

Statistics Canada's research from 2006, albeit dated, showed 27 per cent of households nationwide composted.

You need to try vermicomposting! It's ideal for small spaces and can be done indoors, which makes it perfect for apartment dwellers. It means you discard organic matter generated in your kitchen—like carrot tops—by feeding it to worms.

But not just any worms: you're going to need some red wrigglers. The result is a very fertile mixture of decomposed food scraps and worm poop.

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Vermiculture is a great way to reduce organic matter otherwise destined for the landfill. The process takes three to six months and depending on how much you feed your worms, you'll need to harvest the vermicompost two to four times a year.

It's excellent fertilizer for gardens, laws, potted plants on balconies, and even indoor plants. Fans of worm farms claim they're much easier to care for than a dog or a cat and they don't smell.

Search on-line for many great resources in your city to help you source and set up your very own worm bin.

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