Photo: Are keys recyclable?

Keys are considered scrap metal, but don't put them into your curb-side blue bin. (Credit: Jillian Anne Photography via Flickr)

Why yes, they are!

Keys are considered scrap metal, but you can't put them into your curb-side blue bins.

You need to find a metal recycler near you.

To find a depot location, visit the website of your province or territory's recycling council (like the Recycling Council of British Columbia or Raven Recycling in the Yukon). You can also try your city's recycling hotline.

Chances are, you'll have to drop off the keys yourself, so why not make the trip worthwhile?

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Extend your collection to the "extra" keys your co-workers, friends and family members are toting around. Too many of us are weighed down by keys and we don't even recall what they're for. Ask your co-workers and friends to scour drawers and key-chain holders at home.

Once you find a metal recycler, it doesn't hurt to give them a call to confirm that they accept keys.

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