Photo: How to recycle drywall

Recycle residential quantities of drywall at your regional transfer station. (Credit: TrickyKid via Flickr)

Whatever you do, never put drywall (also known as gypsum board, wallboard, plasterboard, gypboard and sheetrock) into your residential garbage bins.

Drywall is actually recyclable!

Gypsum Recycling International estimates that 40 tons of gypsum waste is landfilled around the globe each day. Search for a waste transfer station in your city that accepts gypsum drywall.

City dwellers can usually drop off "residential quantities" of drywall at their regional transfer station or at the landfill. A "residential quantity" means one level pick-up truckload or less. If you have a large load, contact a gypsum recycling company.

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Make sure that your drywall does not contain asbestos. To dispose of gypsum drywall containing asbestos, contact your province's recycling council, which will typically give you instructions.

While you're at it, check out how to recycle wood waste too. Clean, unpainted, untreated wood waste can now be recycled at many waste transfer stations and landfills. Wood waste is added to the yard trimmings pile.

Did you know you can also recycle asphalt shingles? Contact your local recycling council to find out where to take your shingles.

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