Photo: Fighting Dry Skin Naturally

Take care of dry skin naturally (Credit: MyTudut via Flickr)

Plagued by dry, itchy skin? You're not alone. We're well into winter and the season is taking its toll! Luckily, relief is probably hiding in your pantry. Or your fridge. Or both.

First things first — quit with the soap
Not entirely. It's flu season and we all know that regular hand-washing is key to staying healthy. But soap is also among the worst culprits for drying out your skin! So apply common sense as your first line of defence and choose a pure soap, free of artificial fragrance or antibacterial properties. Both are unnecessary and work against your desire for healthy skin. Now use it only where needed, when needed.

Eat good oils
Eating good fatty acids will go a long way toward soothing dry skin. You can accomplish this by including a whole lot of omega-3-rich foods in your diet, but I'd suggest you supplement with fish oil. Fear not — cod liver oil today is not the cod liver oil of our childhood. My kids actually like theirs!

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Exfoliate naturally
Dry skin cells are the nemesis of happy skin. Regular exfoliation is key. Take a gentle approach to your face with a simple homemade daily scrub. My favorite recipe includes ground oats and ground almond meal. More determined dry skin will benefit from a salt or sugar scrub and a little massage with either scrub brush or a washcloth.

Slather in good oils
Now that your skin is free of the dead cells, nourish with your favourite oil. Whatever you have in your pantry will do, but my favorites are coconut oil for the body and jojoba oil for the face. Yup — for the face. I know that commercial wisdom advises against putting oil on your face, but do yourself a little Google-search favour and you'll see that all the best natural health gurus put selected oils on their face and have beautiful, radiant, clear skin.

Embrace the food-on-your-face approach
Every so often, go the extra step and put food on your face. An avocado scrub will add moisture to dry skin. Oatmeal is equally well known for its healing properties. If making a mask seems daunting, just add half a cup of raw oats to a bath (ideally in a cheesecloth sack or a knotted stocking) and soak up the soothing goodness.

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