Photo: How to choose eco-friendly flower arrangements

It's time we greened up our bouquet shopping skills. (Credit: laura padgett via Flickr)

Ask your favourite florists if they have local, seasonal and pesticide-free flowers. Those three factors alone ooze eco-friendliness!

Avoid flowers that have been shipped from far, far away—and not just because of their carbon footprint. Many cut flowers come from developing countries, where growers use toxic pesticides banned in Canada. And no one tests imported flowers for pesticide residues.

The florist might look at you funny, but when it comes to cut flowers, many of us shop with our noses. It's time we greened up our bouquet shopping skills. The more who ask our local florists for pesticide-free blooms from local farmers, the quicker they'll clue-in.

Another suggestion is look at Veriflora. Veriflora is a sustainability certification program for fresh cut flowers and potted plants. Search their site by province for a company that abides by their agricultural sustainability certification and eco-labelling program.

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A Google search might also turn up companies that sell organic or " Fair Trade Certified " bouquets. Many I found online only deliver in the U.S. Organic Bouquet and Flowerbud — but join them on Facebook or Twitter and you'll know when they decide to branch into Canada!

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