Photo: What's the eco-friendliest kitty litter?

See what your city suggests when it comes to getting rid of Fluffy's kitty litter. (Credit: Microsoft Images)

Before you consider the type of kitty litter to buy for Fluffy, see what your city suggests when it comes to getting rid of the waste.

Metro Vancouver's website says cat poop can be flushed down the toilet, but while poop is okay, litter shouldn't be flushed with it. So you want something that will clump and be scoopable. Eventually, Fluffy's waste will be treated at a wastewater treatment plant with other sewage.

Characteristics to look for in a kitty litter include biodegradable products, because you'll be sending it to the landfill or composting it yourself at home. (Don't compost cat litter if you plan to spread it on edible plants, like those in your vegetable garden.)

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Many brands are also made from renewable plant materials like corn or wheat. These are made from by-products like corn cobs rather than food-grade sources. You may have also seen recycled paper pellets or some made from wood waste, typically pine.

What all of these options also have in common is that they tend to be chemical-free and fragrance-free. Definitely avoid scented products. Instead, deodorize with baking soda by keeping an open box nearby. Scooping frequently doesn't hurt either.

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