Photo: Switch your home to green energy

(Credit: Joe Gravel, Bulfrog Power)

Energy use is the biggest contributor to the average Canadian home's carbon footprint. Here are two quick and easy ways to switch to clean energy and help combat climate change.

Choose green energy from Bullfrog Power

Bullfrog generators put renewable electricity and/or natural gas produced from organic waste (not fracking) into the grid or pipeline to match the amount of power or natural gas your home uses. Bullfrog ensures clean, green sources go into our energy systems.

Bullfrog also provides critical financing for new, community-based green power projects across Canada. The David Suzuki Foundation has been a Bullfrog customer since 2009.

Go solar with EnergyGeeks

Canada's first ever "one-stop solar shop" helps homeowners join Ontario's Free Solar Program, which includes free solar panel installation. Partial proceeds go to the David Suzuki Foundation. EnergyGeeks also helps people decide whether to buy or finance their solar PV system. Financing options can help you buy a solar system without a down payment.

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Where does Bullfrog Power's green energy come from?

Bullfrog electricity comes from a blend of wind and low-impact hydro power from Canadian facilities. At least 50 per cent is from your region. Bullfrog natural gas is a climate-friendly alternative to conventional, polluting natural gas. It comes from a unique methane-capture project at one of Canada's landfills that captures, cleans and injects biogas into the national natural gas pipeline. This displaces fossil fuel-based gas and reduces CO2 emissions.

How does EnergyGeeks' Free Solar Program work?

Thousands of homeowners in Ontario have joined the award-winning Free Solar Program. A pre-screened installer pays for and operates solar panels on your roof. Energy produced from your solar panels goes into the grid. It's sold back to your power utility company for a premium fixed rate between 29.4 and 31.3 cents per kilowatt hour. Your installer collects the feed-in tariff revenues and shares it with you for 20 years. At the program's end, you keep the solar panels and all the electricity they produce.

Choose green energy today and support the David Suzuki Foundation!

  • Sign up for Bullfrog Power's electricity or natural gas and the company will donate $25 dollars to the David Suzuki Foundation. Use promo code DSF1.
  • Sign up for Bullfrog's electricity and natural gas and Bullfrog will donate $25 dollars to DSF AND put $25 toward your Bullfrog Power account. Use promo code DSF2.
  • If you're in Ontario and solar power will work for your home, EnergyGeeks will donate $7 per inquiry to the David Suzuki Foundation. You'll support DSF and fight climate change with just a conversation!

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